A new breed of CPAs is driving today’s economy

Every day, businesses and communities are faced with new challenges. Emerging industries, new technology, environmental concerns and societal changes impact the way we work and live. With skills and expertise that transcend industry, community and government, CPAs have what it takes to grow business and advance society.


Politics, consumer demand and product innovation are just a few factors that play into creating a myriad of new industries each year. With skills that adapt to any sector, CPAs are well placed to play a guiding role in helping these industries take root and take off.


Artificial intelligence, blockchain, the internet of things, drones and virtual reality are here to stay. What does that mean to us? To business? A CPA can provide important insight, helping us better understand data and benefit from technology in ways we never thought possible.


Climate change is changing the way we think about populations and industry. CPAs are helping businesses and governments strike a respectful balance between environmental stewardship, economic growth and population demands.


Governments around the world are moving towards new sustainable development goals. CPAs can provide valuable strategies that foster best practices in gender equality, sustainable communities, healthcare, and balanced prosperity.


Be sure to visit this site frequently. In the upcoming weeks we’ll be adding insightful video interviews. Each video features a different CPA from across Canada discussing how CPA skills remain relevant in today’s economy.

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